Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Second Anniversary !

OH YEAH! Today is officially 2 years since my first post. I know people around the world keep reading some of my posts until now. Thanks a bunch for the comments, the loyal readers, the haters, or whatsoever it is i will still appreciate your holly time to stop by and take a look a bit of my cheesy blog. So thanks you guys. This introduction may be sounds corny but yeah i just wanna say thanks.

For the next i (may) will be more structured in writing and explaining the foods and recipes. Some people think my foods are just too abstract to be true, but this is me. That's why it called no-rules-cooking. When you need to do is do whatever you want. I will try to put some easy local foods also. I hope i can write more. Maybe join some culinary event like i used to before i got sick. Lets blow the candles. Make some improvement. CHEERS!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Innovazione Di Spaghetti

Ciao, Come va? Lols, Well you know google translate just helped me to find the correct Italiano words (Tee hee! :p ). Since my introduction is Italiano, then i bet you already know what will i discuss here. Yes Italian Cuisines! I read Italian food lists on Wikipedia just before i write this one and I found lotsa foods name from Antipasti (the starter foods) to soups, pasta and so on. I even found out that Nutella, the most delicious hazelnut chocolate spread, is made from Italy. I mean why i never notice, or probably i didn't read too much on my favorite spread Lols. So here we go.

Couples of week ago, my dearest bestie told me that his family loves to have some spaghetti at home. He can cooks, so he was the one that made the Spaghetti aglio e olio. Well, i like spaghetti too since ever so i tried to give him another idea of aglio e olio. Its basically same with aglio because the basic is garlic and olive oil, but i have lil more ingredients to add. So its like aglio innovation LOLS. Its easy, a bit spicy, but good stuff. I also add some milk and cheese on this spaghetti. Well, u know, we have no rules here! 

What you needs:
250 g Spaghetti
1 or 2 Tuna in oil (its depend on your taste)
5 Garlic (chopped)
1 big Onion (chopped)
10 Lime leaves (thinly slice)
10-15 Bird's eye chili (or just whatever chili, but if u can make it please have the bird's eye one) 
200 cc Milk
100 g Cheese (I use cheedar or Parmessan)
2 table spoons Margarine

*according to your taste or you may add 1 teaspoon of each for the first. You can add more if it hasn't taste well

I use chops stick instead of fork, like an Asian lols

How to make:

-Boil the Spaghetti. You can cook it Al Dente style or just whatever you like (Coz i love to cook my spaghetti done, sometimes well done lols)
-Saute the garlic and onion with margarine. Add the tuna in oil.
-Add the chopped lime leaves, chili, salt&sugar, milk and some cheese. Also oregano. Stir well.
-Add the spaghetti and stir evenly.
-DONE LOLS!  (Seems i am a bit less well in giving instruction, pardonatemi!)

So you can see the look is kinda white, like soft or something, but please dont underestimate the color coz its actually smokin hot. If you dont like spicy foods you may put less chili. Oh dont forget to spread the cheese on top, it will make it more yummey. After all i still have one invented spaghetti, i will write this one later. So, happy cooking, with no rules. BAI!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Giant Chips Ahoy! Wannabe

Who doesnt like chocolate chips cookies? I bet everyone love it. I remember how i really love to bought some chips ahoy when i was a kid. I have no idea, its kinda hard to find chips ahoy in local store. But i ever found some mini Chips Ahoy in foreign store here and the price is also not as good as when i was a kid.

So, i tried to google this piece of heaven. I found people complaining. There are some forum too about Chips Ahoy in Indonesia. Why is it so hard to find. In fact, as i read the product detail on and , its written that the place of origin of Kraft Chips Ahoy is Indonesia. But seems they didnt sell it here.

I read also in, someone got Kraft Chips Ahoy made in Indonesia in Singapore. Like what the heck, why theres no chips ahoy here!!!!!! Well, i know i still wondering, but i dont wanna waste my time for it. Let make out own chips ahoy yeeeyh!!

So, i got simple recipe from Amanda (Again, she's good in cookies stuffs). All you need are:

- 125 g Butter
- 125 g Roombutter
- 200 g Castor Sugar
- 2 Egg Yolks
- 350 g Flour (approximately)
- 1 tea spoon Baking Powder
- 100 g Havermout (roasted)
- 150 g chocolate chips or small chopped of dark chocolate block
-  1 tea spoon Vanilli 

How to make it:

- Blend the butter, roombutter and castor sugar. beat evenly and put the egg yolks and stir.
- Put the chocolate, havermout, and flour. Stir evenly.
- Grab the dough with the small spoon. form the round shape and put into the baking pan that already covered with butter. Flatten the the dough with fork.
- Bake in the oven approximately 150 degrees celcius for 60 minutes. You can add the time if the cookies is not well baked. Just check your cookies carefully.

When i feel lazy, i sometimes use the Betty Crocker cookie dough but i like the crunchie one. Betty is not crunchie enough or i was the one that put too much butter. LOLS. Well this is the result of Home Made Giant Chips Ahoy Wannabe!

credit: Amanda Chastity

Well its look bigger than chips ahoy i know! The taste is good too. You may put it in a cute box or jar and give it for your lovely one. Or just enjoy it your self. Lols! Happy baking!

Monday, August 26, 2013

No Rules Cooking

August will end soon, and this blog is almost 2 years old! WEEEEEEE! I know i was not really productive since mid last year coz my health problems. But i am trying to keep writing since now i get healthier. I come back to the kitchen, and i told Amanda (kitchen partner, cousin, masterchef rival) yesterday, i was so glad that i could stand in the kitchen again and make some foods again with her like i wanna cry coz its really amazing after one year of pain. Yesterday i made Nasi Goreng Teri* with her and we had some debates. Its kinda often coz we are different in the way of cooking. I am more open about the ingredients and so on, she kinda stuck with the recipe.Improvement sometimes can makes her worry about the taste. 

So, yesterday we prepared the stuffs for nasi goreng. For me, garlic is the basic thing, so nasi goreng needs some garlic while she said there is not garlic on the recipe she found. A lil debate, then i won. We got 2 garlics, some chillies, anchovy, and 2 eggs. I chopped the garlic and stuffs while she were frying the anchovy. She complained about the way i chopped the stuffs and then i said life is free, so does cooking. Theres no rules in our own kitchen. She quite, kinda mad, but she wasnt. When our nasi goreng almost finished, she kinda not satisfied with the taste, i asked her to put salt, she said the anchovy already salty. Then i asked her to put some sugar, she said we didnt need sugar in our nasi goreng. So finally, she kinda hopeless and asked my opinion to put some sesame oil. I said if u want to put it, just put it, innovation. Then she put some. She  then offered to put some fish sauce and i just asked her to put whatever she likes. At the end she also put some Worcestershire sauce, its mean she already put 3 different sauces in one dish.

I feel so happy that she finally made some improvement even though i knew the taste will be out of our prediction. YES ITS TASTE WEIRD. She didnt like it but i was just trying to convince her that its good to make some changes, some improvements. At the end, we did eat the nasi goreng together, we shared some to her mom and brother. She had some sambal in her nasi goreng to fix the taste. No nasi goreng left, meaning, even though we thought its kinda failure, but when people eat and have nothing to complained for, we still did a great job.

So, you know, rules are made to be broken. When you have no rules, it will make you easier but it must be adapted to your condition. For example, if you work in hotel kitchen, your way of cooking will be so much different from your way at home. Yeah everybody knows that, thats not a good example though nadia lols! 

*Nasi Goreng Teri : Friend Rice with Anchovy.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vanilla Soy Sauce Ice Cream

I never understand how to categorize the weather in my country. But i checked the forecast, its 34 degrees Celcius today. You can say its a hot day, coz i keep sweating and i want ice cream. Happily i got some Neapolitan on my fridge like i have enough ice cream for almost two weeks. Even though i know, consuming this heaven will only make my self a bit chubbier LOLS.

It was fun to have some ice cream everyday but i feels like a bit boring with the taste. I want a new taste but i dont want to go outside and buy some. So in my spare time, i googling some random stuffs. I searched for some new recipe to try, check the price list of some foreign products, compare the price from amazon to the local store and.. something brought me to click the Kikkoman page. VOILA!

Kikkoman is international company based in Japan and basically they sell food seasoning and stuffs. The most popular one is the soy sauce. I bet you guys ever see the small glass bottle of Kikkoman in your favorite sushi place. This soy sauce also always available in moms kitchen even though we rarely cook Japanese foods, coz mom said it can be use for just about anything not only Japanese stuffs. For example, mom use the soy sauce for marinade some BBQ meats or chicken. Another surprising functions of Kikkoman written on the web is as ice cream seasoning. I feels like whoat the hey this sushi thing is not supposed to be on the ice cream but lemme try since i am longing for a new taste of ice cream. So here i go...

Scoop some vanilla ice cream. Put some soy sauce a bit. Remember, just a bit. It will give a delicious caramel-like aroma they said. But.. yeah .. aroma.. but not the taste since i put a bit too much sauce. But its still taste delicious. Vanilla soy sauce flavor. Like u eat sushi with the ice cream together. LOLS! After all this is worth to try. Not bad. So, go get your Kikkoman and vanilla ice cream. Enjoy the hawt day!

I am back!

Its really nice to open up and write again in my cheesy blog. I know its almost a year since my last post but i am happy enough to see that people keep coming and read some. So what happened since i've been gone? I got serious illness that made me lose some passion in life. Not only to write, but also to cook and try some stuffs. So, here i am. Writing on blog again. I will post some stuffs again hopefully. But before all, I want to show you my lunch today. Mom made this for me after almost one junk food week (Coz mom was too bussy to cook and i cant move my ass from the couch). This is basically a Sundanese* type of foods: Fried Fish, Tempe, Salty Fish, Sambal, and Some lalapan (Greenies). I feel so blessed and i know this is love. LOLS!

*) Ethnic of West side of Java Island. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home, Food, Family

Do you remember Anastasia movie from Disney about a girl from Russia Royal Family who seperated from her family when there's a tragedy caused by Rasputin the wicked witch? I do really love this movie that i couldn't stop watch it when i was 7 years old. Anastasia dying to death to find her home, love, and family so does my story. This is the Part II of my previous post (Journey to the center of Java). 

As I written before, we went back to my dad's hometown to celebrated the Eid Mubaraq last two weeks. It was a long long journey coz of the traffic jam AND this is the first since 18 years ago my dad visited his hometown (becoz of the he's bussy of work or something). We arrived in Madiun East Java after 22 hours a long and tired trip. But its all payed with their hospitality. 

Probably because of the Long-time-no-see effect, everybody looked so happy to see us. They also picked up us from the hotel and made a lil welcoming party if i might said. Just like Anastasia who finally found her family who lost, they served us like a royal family by served us some beverages, cooked us our favorite foods, gave us souvenirs and homemade cookies and lots more. Completely made me so happy!

(Kue Putu Jumbo)

I ate Pecel Madiun and Rawon made by my family. These are the best. Pecel is some boiled vegetables ( like bean sprout, spinach, cabagge, green mustard and other things) with a sauce made by peanut, shrimp paste, chillies and others (i will give the recipe later). Rawon is a black beef soup and the black soup comes from a black nut or kluwak in bahasa Indonesia or Pangeum Edule. There are alots of blogs who post the recipe but i can also give it to you (later~).

(Rawon and Pecel Madiun with prawn cracker in one plate)

(A box of Apple Juice from them)
A very nice journey and foods and hospitality. I love it so much. Maybe you should visit your family, friends, or relatives who rarely meet you. You will feel like the luckiest person in the world when they love you like there's no tomorrow. My journey hasn't finished yet. Because we continued the trip to another side of East Java. Looked for some favorite foods and some of from my dad's childhood. TO BE CONTINUE....